2022 Wrapped

Northcon has finished year 2022 with a record amount of produced and supplied houses. Despite a very challenging year due to a very steep increase of raw material prices, we have been exporting our production as never before. We have had a record year on following criteria:

  1. Mounted living area – 7664 m2
  2. Produced elements – 26 640 m2
  3. Produced and mounted houses – 63 houses
  4. Total turnover – more than 8 000 000,- EUR.


To our traditional markets of Norway and Sweden, we have expanded this year to

Denmark with 9 houses delivered

Latvia with 2 houses delivered

And we have started engineering for 2 new projects to be delivered to Netherlands in 2023.

To all our delivered projects quality of all processes – engineering, production and building works have been a key to success. All our customers evaluate that and we would like to say a very big thank You to all our great customers all around Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Latvia, Netherlands and the rest of Europe.

2023 has been filling up with our production already booking places for July this year.

In 2023 You will see our houses in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands, Latvia and France.


I wish that 2023 will bring a piece to the World!