Northcon is a timber products producing company founded on year 2012. We provide for our customers services of engineering, where our engineers convert Your desired architecture to timber frame prefab construction. Everybody in our company are very well aware of Norwegian, Swedish, Danish and French standards (TEK17, Norsk Byggforsk and AMA-Hus in Sweden), so we make sure that the houses are engineered and produced according to local standards. At the moment our company employs on average 60 high skilled professionals in its field – engineers, project managers and highly skilled carpenters. Our company owns a production facility with an area of 1500 m2 under the roof, where our wonderful wooden houses are being built. We are young, educated and enthusiastic professionals, who speak English and respect Scandinavian way of life and culture. Our company is providing the best service so our customers feel respected and well treated in every single stage of the construction – starting from giving the price offers and ending with giving keys to Your new house. Our company is providing assembly and carpenter works all across Scandinavia and Europe.


Our factory is located 50 km east direction of Riga. Close to main highways. We have 1000 m2 under the roof with 4 montage tables. Our team has now 15 year experience for producing timber frame houses and timber constructions. In our factory we tend to do as much as possible of finishing of the element walls – we mount the windows and facade cladding in the factory, so we save time on the building site. For Swedish market we finish the walls with gypsum board and electricity tubes installed in the walls.